IMG_0086IMG_0089IMG_0090IMG_0093IMG_0095IMG_0085We’ve been reading a lot about eating healthier lately, and one thing that continually comes up in various blogs, articles, books, etc. is the benefits of tumeric or ‘olena as it is known in Hawaii.  It is a member of the ginger family and is looks basically like a yellow/orange ginger.  A few months ago, David harvested a bunch of it, we dried it and then ground it into a powder.  I put it in everything from stir fries to eggs to smoothies.  Today, he harvested a bunch more, half of which will go to replanting a different section of our farm, and half we’ll use for cooking – but we wont’ dry this batch.  In addition to the ‘olena, we harvested rainbow chard, mustard cabbage, kale, two different varieties of radishes, a few oranges, a couple eggs, a grapefruit, some bananas, surinam cherries, and kalo.  The morning flew by, it was a little muggy this morning, and we had a light rain which cooled us off a bit.  Now time to start thinking what I’m going to be making with all this stuff because it’s what’s for dinner.