You can really tell it’s spring around the farm. There are all kinds of flowers blooming. Our mountain apples have tons of flowers it will be nice to see if we get some this year we have both the red and the white variety. Our allspice tree is loaded with flowers I hope to get a nice batch this year to give as gifts. Yesterday I saw a lot of bees on our cherry trees. it’s so nice to see them coming back. David’s working on the lo’i today, the small ponds we grow our taro in. Today I harvested a small batch of hibiscus to make tea . It’s not the hibiscus flower that one typically sees but it is a variety of hibiscus I’ve taken pictures of the calyxes and what they look like when you peel them to make the tea . You can dry it to make tea or just use it fresh to make tea.  Above are some pictures so you can see what I started with and the finished product. I have enough left over to dry it for later.