Ever since we got married, pets have been a part of our life.  When we moved to the farm, we expanded our family of furry friends to include many farm animals – sheep, donkeys, ducks, geese, chickens, a goat, not to mention our dogs and cats.  Along the way we have lost a number of animals, some due to things that happen on a farm; mongoose snatching baby chicks to wild dogs getting sheep.  It’s never easy, but it is part of living on a farm.  But when we lose one of our fur babies that have been with us awhile, it is difficult.  This past week, we lost Abby.  She came to us 12 years ago.  Her mom was hit by a car on the highway and was taken to the vet hospital.  She gave birth to three or four pups.  The person who found her on the highway nursed her back to health, and the pups were given to various homes.  We were one of those homes.  Abby had skin issues, one ear that went up and one that went down, and a large underbite.  To say she loved avocados is an understatement.  She used to find them and bury them for a later snack, at least that’s what we thought, we were never quite sure why she buried them.  No other dog could touch her avocado or she’d give them a quick nip.  She never had a dog mom, and tended to be a bit needy.  Best of all she was the sweetest dog, and we all loved her.  She loved to be petted, and wouldn’t let you stop once you started. She would nudge you to continue if you stopped, and if another dog came in for a pet, she would give them a good growl to stay away, as if to say, this is my human, go find your own.  She had a good 12 years. She got bladder cancer and when the vet said there was nothing they could do to cure it, we put her down so she wouldn’t be in pain.  Abby is buried underneath one of her favorite avocados trees.  We placed an avocado between her paws when we laid her down.  Rest in peace sweet girl.  We will miss you. 

Abby                Charlie                    Petie.                   Lily.                   Gus