We had  great blue heron stop by for a short three day visit. In case you’re thinking I didn’t know there were herons in Hawaii, you would be somewhat correct. There is the Aukuu which is a black crown night heron that is native but the great blue isn’t from here. Sometimes they find their way here but they’re a long way from their home. It appeared his wing was a bit damaged but he was still able to fly. He feasted on tilapia from our pond, got his strength back then was gone. He was tall around 4 feet. He was skiddish so some patience got me this shot. Truth be told I wish he would’ve stayed. The other birds, our chickens and ducks didn’t seem to mind him at all either. He would’ve been welcome to the family.

Just a random shot of Jingle and Gus. Gus our dog isn’t as thrilled with the cat but he’s growing more tolerant as you can see.