Ulu is a Hawaiian canoe plant, meaning it was brought by Hawaiians on canoes to the islands. Also known breadfruit it is a very versatile fruit. One of my favorite ways to prepare it is to cut it up and boil it. After it cools I cut it into bite-size pieces and fry in olive oil with a little garlic salt. You can also roast it or bake iit. It can be prepared like poi. I found a really good recipe for breadfruit pudding; it’s like bread pudding but instead of using bread you use breadfruit.  I’ve attached the recipe that I used this week. It turned out really well.  Breadfruit is a little like the jackfruit in that it also has a sticky sap. It’s not as bad as the jackfruit I will say, but if you oil your knife well before cutting it open it helps a lot with the cleanup later .

Breadfruit Pudding – Jamaican Recipes

The breadfruit tree itself is one of my favorite plants. It has beautiful big leaves which are shown in the picture above. You can also see the white milky sap coming from the fruit In the picture above. After you pull one off the tree it’s a good idea to let it sit outside until the sap stops running. It doesn’t take more than half an hour for it to stop. The breadfruit ripens quickly and should be used within a few days of picking.