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We’ve had rain for almost three weeks now. Not solid but every weekend and most other days. The ground is over saturated and the grass got really long because we couldn’t mow. But yesterday it clearned up and my husband mowed. And today, Saturday we have this …

Today we picked a few buckets hibiscus to make tea. I took a picture because people always think it’s the flower that is used but it’s a particular type of hibiscus and it’s the calyx; it’s hard and waxy. We break it apart and dry it, and then package it.

Today we are celebrating our son’s birthday. I made him lilikoi avocado pie. The recipe is easy , two medium avocados, pulp of 8 lilikoi yes include seeds, and a can of sweetened condensed milk. Mix together and pour into a homemade graham cracker crust that’s been baked. Put in refrigerator and chill. The crust has to be homemade or it doesn’t turn out. I don’t know why but trust me, and my many bad attempts with pre made store bought, it’s gotta be homemade.