We started growing bacon a few years back.  Native of South America, yacon has been around for thousands of years and has some really great health benefits.  It tastes a bit like jicama, but sweeter and to be honest better.

Yacon is related to the sunflower.  It has a small yellow sunflower looking flower (no seeds.  When ready, you dig up the root of the plant. Yacon oxides really quickly once you peal off the skins.  A little lemon squeeze on top helps slow that down.  It can keep for up to 8 months.  It’s better if you have a cold cellar, which we of course don’t have in Hawaii.  But we keep it in the shade and it’s usually eaten or given away way before the 8 months anyway.  It can be eaten raw or cooked in a stir fry.  You can be make a syrup out of it, although this I haven’t tried.  You can also make a tea.  It tastes a little like a water chestnut when stir fried.  It’s super easy to grow here in Hawaii, and it’s so good for you.  I would recommend it to anyone growing a little garden here.