Mamaki tea is an herbal, non caffeinated tea native to Hawaii.  We have a few shrubs on our property.  The leaves can be used either dry or fresh, and have a number of health benefits when made into a tea.  It is known to work on stomach, liver,  bladder and kidney issues.  It has also been known to help lower blood pressure.  It is a mild tasting refreshing tea that can be drank hot or cold.  I typically make a big pot, refrigerate it, and drink it cold.   We typically have used fresh leaves, but we’ve dried some as well, packaged them, and have given them as gifts.

The picture above shows the berry of the tea shrub.  These berries have a waxy like consistency and can have mild laxative effect.  They’re slightly sweet, so one has to be careful not to eat too many, unless of course, you’re looking for that laxative effect.  The black specs in the berry are the mamaki seeds.  I have started a few new plants using these seeds.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how well these plants grew.